Planning, Design and Management

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Mission: The Office of University Lands, Planning, Design and Management provides long-range planning and management of all university land including over 38,000 acres in Alabama. The department maintains and updates the campus master plan which includes design guidelines and concepts for consistent, long range growth of the campus. The department is responsible for record keeping of all university land information, both on and off campus, and serves to develop university real properties to meet or exceed financial goals and generate income to the University’s endowment fund. Hardscape, landscape and irrigation design for all university land is also provided by this department along with onsite landscape project supervision.


Name Title Phone
Tim Leopard Associate Vice President (205) 348-4530
Dan Wolfe University Planner & Designer (205) 348-0104
Stacy Perry Manager (205) 348-6462
Bonner Lee Senior Landscape Architect (205) 348-2619
Guy Reynolds Landscape Architect (205) 348-2619
Doug Behm Director of University Lands/University Geologist (205) 348-6462
Rob Cooper Assistant Director of University Lands (205) 348-8127
Mark Beeler University Forester/Real Estate Manager (205) 348-6473
Andy Maddox Director of Cellular Operations (205) 348-6472