Off-Campus Leases When University is the Tenant

In order to help us find you the best available space for your need, please complete the leasing request form. Some of items needed are the squae feet needed, what type of space, for how long, and desired location. Bear in mind there is very little office or other business space to be found in Tuscaloosa.

The Board of Trustees requires that all off-campus leases comply with Board Rule 415 Attachment E. Any leases executed without compliance with Rule 415- E cannot be paid with University funds and the individual signing the lease may be personally responsible for the payments associated with a non-compliant lease.

The requesting department is responsible for any rent.

Operative leases may be approved by the campus Presidents or their designated agents who are authorized to sign lease agreements on behalf of the Board of Trustees
of the University of Alabama, if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • The lease has duration of one year or less.


  • The lease has a cumulative lease value of $750,000 or less.

(Example: $5,000 per month x 12 = $60,000; 5 year lease = $300,000.)

  • The lease is between the University and an affiliated institution, such as a foundation or non-profit corporation.

Please download the following files:

Approval Routing Sheet

Explanation of Board Rule 415-E

Lease Request Information Form

Please fill out the request form completely and attach a copy of the lease if you have one. Be sure and fill out top lines on the routing sheet. Send the completed form by campus mail to Land Management, Box 870176.